About Well-Crafted Software

Provider of hand-crafted software built with a focus on ease-of-use, simplicity, and style.
This site is a programming portfolio. It consists of various projects that represent my abilities. The projects are primarily comprised of HTML, Javascript, and CSS. The target platform is the latest Chrome web-browser on Windows and on iOS. The latest Safari and Firefox web-browsers should typically work too.

I've been programming since the late 1990s. It started with some C and a bit of Visual Basic. From there, I switched to C# and the .NET Framework when it was first released. I also delved pretty extensively into PHP and HTML at the time. A while after that, I programmed in Object-C on Apple's OS X. From there, I took a long break from programming. Nowadays, I'm exploring modern Javascript, which is what you'll see here.

And just for completeness sake, I've also programmed in C++, Python, and Lua. But overall, I'm fond of {curly-braces} and semicolons; and scripting languages -- which is probably why I'm drawn to Javascript.

P.S. Yes, the site's current theme is a retro mid-90s design.

Contact: Whittlin Rich @ Gmail . com   (remove the spaces)


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